Hockey Betting

Hockey does not get a ton of action from players who bet on football and basketball, but it does attract fans of ice hockey nonetheless. Hockey betting normally consists of three outcomes, much like baseball betting.

First, you have the Money Line:

Example: Boston – 240 vs. Toronto +185

Then, you have the goal line. (Similar to baseball’s run line.)

Example: Boston – 1.5 + 150 or as an underdog, Toronto +1.5 -170

Finally, the total goals between the two teams, or commonly referred to as the over / under.

Example: Boston O/U 5.5 vs. Toronto

Hockey betting is offered at all sportsbooks that accept USA players. It’s worth noting that most of the Sportsbooks that accept Canadian Players have hockey and do accept a larger amount of action on this then sportsbooks that are in other parts of the world.

Hockey betting is very simple and since only one unit is added to the score each time a goal is made, it’s very easy to keep track of and cheer for.

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