Baseball Betting

Betting on baseball is not as popular as most of the other sports, but since it’s the only sport going for a period of time in the Summer months, there are a decent amount of players, like myself, who enjoy betting on baseball. Baseball offers two lines for betting; the money line, and the run line.

The money line works just like the money line in football betting. One team is favored and has a “-“ number where you have to lay juice to take them. The other team has a “+” and gets you money back on your wager should they win.

The run line can differ from game to game, but typically the run line allows you to wager on a team to win by more than one run. An example of both options appear below in the example given.

Example: “New York Yankees – 200.” “New York Yankees +150 -1.5.”

Example one would mean you bet $200 to win $100. Example two means that if you bet $100 on the Yankees and they win by two runs, you are paid out $150.”

What you really are betting on in baseball betting is the starting pitcher. What happens is that the line is formulated by pitting two starting pitchers against each other. If one team is starting their “ace” (best pitcher) and the other team is starting a third, or even fourth option from their rotation, the line will reflect this. To bet on specific pitching match-ups, you select a “listed” bet. To bet on whoever will take the mound (which is applicable when there is a late pitching change) simply select “action.”

Baseball betting is rumored to be the most advantageous sports betting season for players. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to make a profit betting on baseball. Sure, you could bet on the best pitcher on the best team in the league, and think they will win easily over a last-placed team who is starting a rookie. However, many things can happen here. First, the starting pitching could have a bad outing. Second, he could be injured early in the game. Third, the batters just may have an awful game for the favored pitcher, or fourth, the bullpen could blow a big lead later in the game. Many other outcomes could happen but those are just a few scenarios as to why a favored team would lose when it’s a heavy favorite.

That, in short, is a quick guide to baseball betting.