Online Slots

Slot games in the online gambling industry come in an assortment of many varieties. Slot games or one armed bandits as what they have been known as for many years, are one of the beloved casino games to play. Online slots have the biggest games variety than any other casino game with the different themes, bonus features, paylines, reels and payouts.

Each individual player has their own fondness of what they look for when choosing a slot to play. There are the Progressive Jackpot Games, 3 Reel and 5 Reel Games, Video Bonus Games, Interactive Slots and Multiple Line Games that consist of 100+ paylines.

The progressive jackpot games are the most rewarding games as the top prize amount is the progressive amount. These amounts can grow as high as millions of dollars. These games come in different format as well that can range from the 3 reels to the 5 reels. Random jackpots are one type of progressive games where the jackpot can be awarded at random meaning no certain amount needs to be wagered. Networked progressives are commonly found with the bigger branded name slots. This means that a certain group of games are linked together that offer the same jackpot giving players a variety of games to play for the same prize.

The classic slot games are the ones that are played out on the 3 reels coming with fruits, bells, bars and 7’s as the symbols. These games can come with anywhere from 1-5 paylines. They have been around for many years and players look for these when searching for that one slot game to play as they have been a favourite ever since the launch many years ago.

The 5 reel and video bonus slot games are the newer games that have become popular for the bonus features, free games, multiple coin denominations, paylines and even progressive jackpots. Each game is different having special themes attached to them like Animals, Game Shows or the Marvel Comic Super Heroes.

Multiple Line slot games come in assortments where the paylines can range from 3-200 sometimes more. These games cost the bankroll a little extra more each time the reels are being spun, but with the more paylines, the bigger the wins will be.

There are also slot games that come with the proprietary gaming software meaning that the casino software is a one of a kind gaming software where as to the games can be unique with having their own special features.