Live Dealer Roulette

Online Roulette comes in two different forms, American and European. The game is a popular one to play as it can be very profitable if the odds can be stacked on the players’ side. The history behind roulette is really unknown as there are many rumors that it originated in the 17th and 18th century in China and then brought to Europe at a later time.

The new thing in roulette online is playing with a LIVE DEALER.  There are many places you can play roulette online with a live dealer that you watch on your computer screen.  This ensures the game is fair and a lot of people enjoy the interaction with the dealer, otherwise called a croupier.

This game can be found online in many virtual casinos. Most online casinos offer the two variants as well as the live dealer roulette tables. Experienced as well as the rookie players are drawn to the game for the easiness that comes with the game play and the odds that can be stacked up against the house dropping the house advantage a bit.

The two variants are basically the same with just having a few minor differences. The American Roulette game comes with 38 pockets numbered 1-36 with 0 and 00 pockets as well. The European Roulette game comes with the same style as the American one except it has only 37 pockets with one zero. The house edge the European wheels is 2.7& and 5.26% for the American game.

Both of these games are widely played throughout the industry. It has a high house advantage, but can still be a profitable game. There are many roulette strategies available on the web to help with the basics as well as the more complex betting moves.

Spinning the roulette wheel directly from your web browser comes with the flexibility and convenience players have been looking for ever since online gambling became popular. The newer players can take their time to play a game of roulette to fully understand the game a little better as most online casino software’s offer different speeds of the game play that can be adjusted.

The rules are about the same no matter if you are playing at a live roulette table or playing virtually. Players wager against the casino by betting on the different colored pockets or numbers, and then place the bets. The Croupier is the name for the dealer and he will spin the wheel. The ball spins in the opposite direction landing on one pocket. The winning number or combination is revealed.

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