BoDog Review

Bodog Review Update: Bodog no longer accepts USA players.

If having fun is your main purpose when you bet on sports, than Bodog is the best online sportsbook for you. The brand built by the iconic Calvin Ayre is perhaps the most recognizable sportsbook brand to USA customers. I bet on sports at Bodog for years and found their lines are very favorable to the player, and their customer service is second to none. What sets Bodog apart from the many other online sportsbooks I’ve used over the last decade is the simplicity of using their website. Sometimes it’s hard to navigate a sports betting website, and although I’m quite versed in how to use the Internet I have to admit, many sites make creating parlay wagers as difficult as solving a Rubix Cube. That’s not the case at Bodog, where you will find wagering online very simple.

Perhaps what makes Bodog stand out is the fact that they offer many different types of bonuses. A 10% bonus is added to all new player accounts, but the fun doesn’t end there. Many bonuses and what I call “spur of the moment contests” seem to pop up all the time. March Madness, Super Bowl Betting, and of course, prop bets on celebrity soap opera drama are all fun add-ons that make me come back to Bodog each year.

Unlike many other offshore sportsbooks, Bodog has a unique team of English speaking clerks. It’s like doing business with your neighbor when you speak to a customer service or wagering clerk at Bodog. The friendly staff is the most professional and courteous in the business, hands down.

If you are looking to place a wager, Bodog is reputable, secure, trustworthy, but most importantly – fun.

Most importantly, I find the lines offered at Bodog Sportsbook to be quite fair, and actually a little bit on the advantageous side for the average player like me. If you click on the banner and open an account, you will receive the current bonus offer – something Bodog is really well known for – good sportsbook bonuses. A lot of sportsbooks will offer a bonus but make you roll over your action so many times. You won’t find any hassle from Bodog, as they are an established book with enough action to take bettors of all levels.

I can’t say enough good things about this world class sportsbook.


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