About Us

My name is TJ, and I am an American who resides in Costa Rica.  Since the USA has made it illegal to gamble online (and prior to that they made it hard to send money to an online casino that accepted players of American heritage) I’ve taken the liberty of enjoying some of the best casino games at establishments geared towards players of United Kingdom, Canadian, and Australian roots.  I’ve found that some of the best casinos online are on par with land-based casinos, and this site documents my time playing them.

I’ve been known to wager on just about anything for as long as I can remember. I remember winning a Super Bowl squares pool when I was six years old, and I think that early adrenaline rush is what got me so interested in wagering on sports, playing casino games, and playing card games whenever the time is right.

I like to gamble on sports and in casinos both online and when possible, offline.  I take frequent trips to Las Vegas, and have made many friends who work out there in the casino industry who have taught me the in’s and out’s of various casino games.

I’ve been to casinos across the Caribbean and Latin America as well, and truly enjoy the atmosphere a casino provides.  However, for entertainment purposes when I feel like playing no matter where I am – the Internet is my only option so I’ve become quite familiar with many online gambling brands.

I set up this online casino & sportsbook review site because quite frankly, I had some bad experiences with offshore gaming sites and I thought it was time someone who actually played the various casino games give a factual review. Most people just point out where you can get bonuses and give the obvious information about what games a casino offers.  I started breaking down my own online gaming experiences for my own personal gain.  Later, I ventured off to inquire about which sites my gambling friends were using and started making a master document of all our experiences.  This website is the product of our experiences, and it’s here for the person who seeks honest, factual reviews and not just promotional material.

While I’m quick to point out which companies are giving out bonuses, I’m here to give my reviews based on actually playing these games. Its important people hear just how sites are performing from someone who is actually a gambler.

My goal is to increase awareness about which casino games give players a fair shake at their variety of games as well as help steer people clear of any websites that are known for not making payouts or lack the normal audits that the best online casinos routinely take part in. Fair gaming is important to me, and in the current online gambling climate it’s important you deposit your hard earned money with companies that will treat you fairly.

Online gaming has evolved in recent years. Poker rode a roller coaster ride – some people were scammed – some people made money. Poker rooms have been shut down in the USA and continue to be a risky bet.  We now have live blackjack with real dealers as well as live roulette. The online gaming technology has become so advanced that online casinos really do give players a feeling like they are at a real brick-and-mortar casino.

If you are someone who likes play casino games, bet on sports, or even play online bingo, I’ve set goals to identify the best online casinos and websites where you can satisfy your every gambling need.

Remember, bet with your head, and not over it. The online casino reviews posted on my website are meant for amusement purposes and are my opinions – yours may differ. Please help the website grow by posting comments on your own experiences where applicable.

If you are a problem gambler or feel that gambling is hurting your social situation, please get help by calling gamblers anonymous in your respective country.